Okay so

Look. Here’s the thing. I know i’m hyperbolic, like as a rule, but this fucking film. It might be the best film i have ever seen. Certainly it’s the best one i have seen in the past five years. It is just unspeakably excellent. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t think so.

It’s the kind of film that makes otherwise rational people want to drop everything and run screaming down the street evangelizing about it as you go. The kind of film that inspires visions of a better world and the kind of devotion and grace it might take to achieve it.



Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 4.10.02 pm

But, there’s one tiny issue with setting Matthew McConaughey up as our next great Christian idol. And, the problem is the movie he won the Oscar for. And pretty much every other movie he’s ever made.  (Anyone remember a little film called Magic Mike?) According to pluggedin.comDallas Buyer’s Club opens with McConaughey’s character having sex with two girls at the same time in a rodeo stall.  That’s only the beginning of the explicit sexual content in the movie.  In addition to the nudity, masturbation, and pornography, the film contains over 100 f-words and God’s name is used as a curse word over 20 times. Read more: http://www.uproxx.com/filmdrunk/2014/03/matthew-mcconaughey-hero-christians-thanking-god-blog-lady-says-fast/#ixzz2vFc7qEkh

This is such a weird clip

…paired with such a gorgeous song, I didn’t understand it at all until the very end. Such a weird trip. My initial reaction was “why would you make such a gross video with such a beautiful track?” and then I watched it again and really listened and I think that it catches something dark in the music. The director (Cherise Payne, apparently – who has worked with Sampha too) has a great eye for unsettling details. The choice of faces is really something else, and the main woman is, needless to say, an uncommonly good choice.

I kind of feel ill now.

Also here’s one for @skatebee

All links (and basically all the new music I listen to atm) via Gorilla vs Bear.

I wish academic criticism of music videos was a thing that existed. It’s just the kind of interdisciplinary bullshit I am totally into – music and vision. Bonza!!

Oneohtrix Point Never’s Greatest Clip

Most people seem unable to handle it. It’s too much, and it’s too little. They can’t keep their eyes on it for that long, the movement as the multiple emojis refuse to resolve into stable object. The woman becomes woman-face-woman-hands-face, the pill and the syringe rotate and roll, the final 30 second cacophony compressing life down into one movement, run, bike, sand, surf, swim, wedding, ring, explosion, devil, death.

Fingers articulating heavenly chords, post-life. They end abruptly, a little bit cruelly, but respectfully aware that we haven’t got a lot of time. Four minutes seventeen.

Compare/contrast with this clip which can’t resist modifying the emoji system beyond its original implementation. Messsy. No control. But easier on the palette because it swaps the cold austerity for over-the-top caricature. It doesn’t help that I’ve never understood the appeal to that song (unless it’s the appropriation of arabic microtonal scales at the intro?).

Two ways to weaponize your Facebook comments

  1. When your post on a page attracts stupid or ignorant comments in a threaded reply, delete your own comment. The replies go with them. (Bonus points if you can set and execute a ‘honeypot’ for terrible comments!)
  2. When someone replies to your comment on a non-threaded post, delete all traces of your input. At the very least, you will confuse someone.

Your comments are your private domain in hostile territory. Practise comment autonomy today: delete your comments.

Demonstrate you recognize the politics of space and remove yourself.