This is such a weird clip

…paired with such a gorgeous song, I didn’t understand it at all until the very end. Such a weird trip. My initial reaction was “why would you make such a gross video with such a beautiful track?” and then I watched it again and really listened and I think that it catches something dark in the music. The director (Cherise Payne, apparently – who has worked with Sampha too) has a great eye for unsettling details. The choice of faces is really something else, and the main woman is, needless to say, an uncommonly good choice.

I kind of feel ill now.

Also here’s one for @skatebee

All links (and basically all the new music I listen to atm) via Gorilla vs Bear.

I wish academic criticism of music videos was a thing that existed. It’s just the kind of interdisciplinary bullshit I am totally into – music and vision. Bonza!!