Michael Douglas out the car now

How the fuck is it possible for an album to keep getting better and better the MORE I listen to it, for as long as I’ve been listening to Yeezus.

Seriously, there’s some Voodoo magic happening to me. On and off for six months. What is going on.

It took me about 5 listens all the way through back around June/July to even really get it. At first I was like “naaah” now i’m all “fuck, this is the sound of the future”

how does that happen?


questions like these led me to do a music degree the first time.

What I always like about Graeber

One difference between the kind of anarchist groups I like and the classic Marxist group, for instance, is that we don’t start by defining reality – our points of unity are not our analyses of the situation, but rather what we want to do, the action we want to take, and how we go about it. Plus you have to give one another the benefit of the doubt. One of the principles of the consensus process is that you can’t challenge anyone on their motives; you have to assume that everyone is being honest and has good intentions. Not because you necessarily think it’s true, but as an extension of what might be considered the fundamental anarchist insight: if you treat people like children they will tend to act like children. If you treat them like adults, there’s at least some chance they will act responsibly. Ironically, I found this habit of generosity, this giving people the benefit of the doubt, was the exact opposite of the way I was taught to argue as a scholar.

From an interview here.

Videogame visions of a post-climate change future

I wrote an essay on the way games have depicted climate change for Memory Insufficient. I was pretty happy with how this turned out, and the plan is to whip it up into a more fleshed out paper later in the year. I haven’t had a chance to read the other essays but if prior issues of Memory Insufficient are any guide, they’ll be worth checking out too.

Memory Insufficient’s Ecology and Games History issue is here. [PDF]