On the review

I put down Metal Gear Solid 4 and barely thought about it at all after.

There’s something perverse about the expected duties of a reviewer. They are expected to play enough of the game to make an assessment about it, but they aren’t allowed to be normal and “give up in disgust”. Consequently, there’s something perverse, something dark, and sinister about the black charge of being A Reviewer. Pushing through to the other side of resentment, into amazement and awe at what you, you, are bodily capable of enduring as part of the sacred duty of The Videogame Reviewer – all for the sake of being able to be taken seriously as One Who Reviews Games, not just any game but this game perhaps the most important game of all time…

I bet I could go to Metacritic right now and MGS4 would have a score of about 86. That feels about right for this game I never, ever need to see again. No, I’m not going to go look.