On the review

I put down Metal Gear Solid 4 and barely thought about it at all after.

There’s something perverse about the expected duties of a reviewer. They are expected to play enough of the game to make an assessment about it, but they aren’t allowed to be normal and “give up in disgust”. Consequently, there’s something perverse, something dark, and sinister about the black charge of being A Reviewer. Pushing through to the other side of resentment, into amazement and awe at what you, you, are bodily capable of enduring as part of the sacred duty of The Videogame Reviewer – all for the sake of being able to be taken seriously as One Who Reviews Games, not just any game but this game perhaps the most important game of all time…

I bet I could go to Metacritic right now and MGS4 would have a score of about 86. That feels about right for this game I never, ever need to see again. No, I’m not going to go look.

Draft Chapter 3

So this clip is really trippin on something grand. Also I really like every single shirt Kanye wears in this clip.

Omg tho the like crazy overt thrusting grabbing sex stuff on the motorbike is crazy great. This is what I don’t think I heard anyone else say about Yeezus – that it is basically one long reconciliation of Kanye as a sex-god-maniac with the idea that Kim Kardashian might actually be enough of a sex-goddess maniac for him? I mean literally ever track (that isn’t New Slaves or Black Skinhead) is about how crazy wild he is about boning Kim… and that’s kind of… cool? Novel for a black artist to be able to be that openly sexual on his own terms and without the media turning him into a “crazy violent sex black man” caricature?

Idk now i’m just spitballin

Varoufakis on ‘Ponzi Austerity’

With bonus quote about the intervention of the ECB into Greek politics. Technocracy, ho!

Unnoticed by almost everyone, this episode represented a sinister moment when the EU asserted the right of its executive to intervene directly in the democratic process of a member-state. Unelected officials in Brussels concocted a ‘right’ to suspend unilaterally an international and intra-European loan agreement, on the basis of their assessment of which political party was and which was not ‘acceptable’ to form government in a member-state.

Fedora Shaming as Discursive Activism

My first ever published journal paper is out, and I was quite pleased with how it ended up. Here’s the abstract with a link at the end.

This article examines the Tumblr site Fedoras of OK Cupid which emerged in 2012 amidst a growing trend in feminists and other activists online that used shaming as an activist strategy. Fedoras of OK Cupid displays images and excerpts from men who wear fedora hats in their OK Cupid dating profile pictures, often highlighting worrying or even downright dangerous attitudes towards women revealed by their profiles. To understand this practice this article draws on work identifying feminist discursive activism in online communities, to examine the Tumblr site in the context of reintegrative shaming in order to evaluate the practice of deploying shame for activist ends. While shame is often seen as having stigmatising effects, the author of the Fedoras of OK Cupid Tumblr illustrates how the process of reintegrative shaming may work in the context of online activism by offering earnest commentary on negative attitudes while also offering the possibility of social reintegration.

Available in HTML and PDF versions.