Angel Haze on women in hip-hop

Only just discovered Angel Haze like pretty much right this second but I already really, really like her, and her music – check out the amazing clip for ‘Werkin Girls’ above. The thing that really impressed me, however, was a little section from another video in which she discusses growing up in a cult, and hearing music for the first time at age 16. Crazy stuff. Her comment is about women in hip-hop:

‘I have a specific problem, especially with women in hip-hop, because they don’t… not they, but certain people don’t know how to market women without pitting them against each other. Like they’ll sign you and say, “She’s your competition, what are you gonna do to beat her?”‘

Also great, following that she talks about how a certain conflict between her and Azealia Banks was less a “beef” and more about ‘just two people deciding they don’t really like each other.’ Which is a remarkably mature way to describe it, by the sound of things.

I’ve also been madly diggin Kilo Kish’s stuff lately, having downloaded her first (free) album Homeshcooled a while back but only really getting into it recently. She’s also got a new album out, K+ which is even better.