Blog Refresh

Oh hey! You’re here! Frankly, I’m as surprised as you.

Anyway, since you’re already here, why not refresh the page to view my snappy new header images, taken from my Personal Collection™. This facelift (I’d like to do more but, y’know) has been long overdue, and honestly it was only an accidental theme update that caused me to take the plunge since my old one lost my custom CSS edits to remove annoying things like the commenting box (“Comments are closed” no they’re not I want them to be nonexistent this is my space thankyouverymuch).

So I’m busy writing things, maybe links to them and/or excerpts and/or other things may turn up here eventually. Thesis is progressing. That should be done soon, knock on wood. Making strides since last meeting with supervisor and breaking it down into little chunks. Seems a fair bit more doable than before when even the “next step” was a bit of a mystery. Never underestimate the importance of small goals, is what I’m saying.

Also Critical Distance got a facelift, if you’ve been living under a rock. Whenever I think of that site I feel something like a fairly proud father, or what I imagine that might be like. Kris is doing a stellar job (better than I ever did, actually).

Okay, stop wasting time and go read some Lazenby.