Another generational fault-line exposed, this time in Journalism

A brouhaha has been brewing for the past couple of days between an undergraduate intern Journalist and The Hun over a piece that was highly critical of the paper’s Newsroom culture. The paper, in full ‘destroy the enemy’ mode fired back an overblown salvo that just goes to show the former intern’s criticism were probably right on the money.

The generational fault line is raised explicitly in the following New Matilda editorial:

The response to the Farrago article speaks volumes about generational misrecognition and disdain. Young journalists are useful for their tech-savvy, or their angle on “youth issues”, but not their values. This is why it’s particularly striking that Burden’s sign-off has got less attention than the rest of her article.

“If Australia’s big mastheads all function like this then I say bring on their decline. Rip down the banners that have led to media exclusivity and elitism. Huzzah to the future of online, diverse reporting.”

If you love something, sometimes you have to let it die…