Using twitter for odd things

It really should come as no surprise, but I’ve only just realised that I’m using and enjoying twitter for new (at least for me) and strange things. Gone is nearly all interest in carrying out conversations and discussions via twitter, though arguably I gave up on proper twitter debates a long long time ago, and instead I’m enjoying the vicarious aspects of the platform. Some of my favourite twitter accounts at the moment are robots – scripts and algorithms that do non-ordinary things with the service.

I think it started with TPHD. Theron Jacobs twitter account is a thing that I adore, for reasons I can’t really explain except that he’s always surprising. Right as I started to think I’d had his “schtick” down (tongues, licking, puppies, snakelord – there’s definitely certain themes that he enjoys creating tweets and poems about over others) he goes and surprises everyone with an eBook, “Smell my wild flowers“. (Don’t be fooled, it’s not your high school poetry class waxing lyrical about flora. It’s good for one). Well that’s cool, but then, what’s the last thing you expect after someone puts out a book (pdf) of poetry? BAM it’s a second eBook of poetry – BEAST. Surprise! (Alright, so it doesn’t sound that surprising, but I was slightly shocked. Compressed into a paragraph it loses its impact. Look, you really need to follow TPHD okay).

Come to think of it, I can’t remember if I started following Horse eBooks before or after TPHD. But either way, I did. Also, what they say is true, Horse has changed and he’s gotten too wacky. The aura of magic has dissipated and now it just looks like someone trying to be funny (which is the absolute last thing on the hierarchy of things that are funny).

Actually one of the earliest weird accounts I started following was BARTSIMPSON_REAL which was the typo ridden, delusional output of a strange venn diagram covering only one person – a Bart Simpsons fan and a Slobodan Milosevic apologist. Some of my favourite ever tweets (rivalling even the best of Horse Ebooks) were from this account. It’s current incarnation is Bart_freecialis but that may not last.

There’s also the suitofracoons, though it hasn’t tweeted since December. Baden Pailthorpe’s “Eighty Four Doors” a machine translation of Orwell’s 1984, tweeted at odd intervals. Okershee/OMNIVISION which I have no idea about but which I started following a little while ago just because it’s great. Here’s a great recent tweet from Okershee. And last in this eclectic and incomplete list is BrunoIator (with a capital ‘I’ instead of an L) which just goes to show that Latour would be a great tweeter if he could be arsed.

Twitter has always loved non-sequiters.