Working on my late game TvEverything

So in just about every matchup, I’m pretty okay up till I’ve basically taken and held my second base. Where most of my games are falling apart at the moment is the late game – at the point where my upgrades should be popping real fast and giving me the edge, and where I should be getting some hi-tech units like Ghosts (in TvZ/P/T) or Thors it (TvZ) or even Battlecruisers (TvT? Ghosts for snipes & EMPs on dropships is probably better unless they’re going mech… in which case… the only air>ground units terran have are Banshees or BCs, and Banshees are reasonably hard to control). Day-9 has just recently (like last week!) done a series of Newbie Tuesday videos on The Late Game which I hope will really help me out. I’m starting to get sick of losing to either massed BCs, or to Broodlords (about three times now I’ve seen it happen with increasing levels of dread and resignation each time).

I also played some 3v3 last night with two of my good friends who are both quite good at their niche skills, and who both play much more¬†aggressively¬†than I do. Again, I think the TvZ Boxer-build attitude of the mass two-base turtle has kind of infected my other match ups with a conservatism and risk aversion that is really hitting me hard. I don’t think it matters how good my Macro is if my economy is two bases behind.

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