Pippin Barr’s “Curious Games” talk

Pippin Barr: Curious Games from Tabakalera on Vimeo.


Really good talk (except that it’s only the first 17 minutes, then it goes to a black screen for some reason). I quite liked how he noted that he could either continue on forver criticising games and bemoaning the kinds of games that get made (“Oh man, another shooter/platformer/RPG/etc.”) or he could actually go out and make some games. Well I’m not really all that interested in learning to make games, and I imagine a lot of other critics are too, so I wonder what this does to the game critic/blogging endurance curve? Do we get stuck complaining about the same things over and over again? I could certainly see a case being made for that. And certainly it’s probably a lot safer bet to say that making the kind of game you want to play is going to have a far greater chance of realising a change in that situation than if you were only a critic – even a highly influential critic (which most of us are not).

Well, at any rate I’m glad I’m taking a break from that game – while I’m learning and playing and practising Starcraft 2 all I’m doing is liking and enjoying. There’s no real element of “oh gosh I wish I could improve this aspect” or “I wish I could change that” about the game. I suppose I probably could find those things in the game – medics and ship pilots are the only female units in the game, it’s true – but none of that really helps me in my goal to improve my play. What does that mean for the challenging of the status quo? I don’t really know, you tell me.