TvT – Me vs ‘Hercules’

Yes, the other player was actually called Hercules. And he was a comedian. Something about being funnier than me (which is highly likely – my sense of humor is quite dry) was a conversation we had at the start. This game ended in a loss for me. Why? A couple of reasons – 1. I didn’t impliment my 1/1/1 build very well at all. I didn’t even get a Starport till after my opponent had made a successful drop into MY base. When will I learn?

I had good game sense though. I felt like it was probably coming, so I had marines in a good position and didn’t lose too many SCVs (point to Ben). But from then on I was on the backfoot. A later cloaked banshee attack again cost me momentum, taking out a tank and a bunch of units, and precious mining time. But no, even with all that it was my inability to harass and push out, letting map control and his superior mech-heavy build run un-checked that made me lose. He felt so confident that he even pushed out into the gold expand. (That’s very bad for me).

Seen above: me, losing.


And yet I still didn’t push out… I just turtled and waited (again, playing as if I’m vs. a Zerg player – my TvZ is good, but it’s ruining my other matchups!). I grabbed a third base and even maxed out with a huge marine/marauder ball…. which I then promptly tried to stim into sieged up tanks, taking out… two of them.

I tried a late transition into ghosts but it was too late. I did get off a handfull of really nice nukes, two of which I was exceptionally proud of.

Goodbye tanks.
Goodbye Battlecruisers.

So what did I learn? That my 1/1/1 needs refining. That my TvT needs more agression. And that my late game ghost work is a little lacklustre, but given how little practise I’ve had at using them, I’m not so fussed.

Addendum: And hey, what happens the very next game but a TvT. I went aggro at around 10mins, with 3 tanks a nice MM mix and 1 dropship — look where it got me!

Above: Me, winning. Look at the difference high-ground vision makes. This is what the 1/1/1 build it about.

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