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Better Than Renting Out A Windowless Room: The Blessed Distraction Of Technology‘ by Colson Whitehead at Publishers Weekly.

Now, I open Twitter and see that I am not alone. I am part of a vast and wretched assembly of freaks who are not fit for decent work and thus must write, or wither. I am fortified by their failures, and I hope they take succor from mine. Some of those out there are established, some are just starting out. I don’t give a whit about your accomplishments—all I care about is your facility for describing the fine grain of your work-related suffering, in less than 140 characters, preferably 100, so I have room to add a footnote.

Media Philosophy of Permanent Beta‘ by Glen Fuller at Event Mechanics.

We shouldn’t teach journalism students how to use a CMS, but how a CMS is used in different ways. They should be familiar with a range of content management systems and how these different systems afford different ways of representing and producing news, engaging with the audience and so on. Why? They will eventually use a CMS that hasn’t been invented yet, so they need to develop skills for developing best practice to incorporate the ‘new’. Or, better, they will assist the media enterprise where they work (or, better, own (or, even better, have created)) in creating a CMS that feaures the specific production and publishing affordances that enables them to make the news as useful as possible for the audience represented by the area of interest they are servicing.

Brutal Simplifiers‘ part 2 of a talk by Richard Sennett on Google Wave, linear-narrative thinking, etc, etc. at  Haus der Kulturen der Welt, in March 2011.

Rather than being difficult to use, Google wave was too primitive in use…