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Illustration: KillScreen online editorials 003‘ by Dan Purvis at Purvis’ Perspective.

…consumer reviews are shit. They mean nothing to the world. That’s where Kill Screen reviews are different. They want to mean something to somebody. And, I believe they will.

The Very Important List of PC Games, Part 5/5‘ by Kieron Gillen at Rock Paper Shotgun:

I’m not entirely sure RPS would exist without In Memoriam, but I’ll get to that.

Anyway – brilliant little game. Its UK Publisher – Ubisoft – clearly didn’t agree. They didn’t send any review copies out to anyone. Walker only ended up playing it because I commissioned him to write it as I grabbed it from the shops when trying to fill the pages on PC Gamer. And he comes back amazed – this is actually really fucking good. Except, being John, he probably didn’t swear. This lead to us shouting how good it was to other magazines, and getting it reviewed all over the place. We’d discovered a game, and brought it to people who wouldn’t know anything about it without us shouting about it. I realised that in my time at Gamer, I’d only ever really had a chance to do that twice – once with In Memoriam, and once with Uplink. Why didn’t we get to do this more? Wouldn’t be awesome to have a venue to do this more often?

It was the final puzzle that In Memoriam presented us, but we solved it eventually.

The Complete Rebel Without A Pause Key‘ by Kieron Gillen at Rock Paper Shotgun.

Part 1: Introduction

Watch out forces of conservative oppression: I’m all hopped up on Lentils, I’ve been listening to Rage Against The Machine for the last four hours and I haven’t tidied my bedroom.

Liberal Crime Squad, as the name may suggest, places you as the sort of Terrorist organisation who spend a lot of time listening to the MC5 loudly. Its tongue is firmly in its cheek, but I suspect that wouldn’t stop some people finding it offensive. “Some” being defined as “Probably not the counter-cultural Bakunin-lovin’ readers or Rock Paper Shotgun”, or at least hopefully. In it, you’ve basically got to forward the liberal agenda by any or all means. It usually ends with your glorious Liberal hippies besieged in their safe houses by The Man.