Presented without comment #3

And so we continue our series in which relevant and timely articles are ‘Presented without comment‘, for your casual perusal:

Could I sell my facebook account ?‘ by Christophe1700 at Black Hat SEO forum:

Hey there,

I have a facebook account that i used for ewhoring, i have 650 friends, mostly guys, and i didn’t use it for a couple of weeks.
It also has sexy pics about ‘Sara’.

Could i sell this ?
If i could, which price ?

I sell my facebook profile on meta-markets‘ by Burak Arikan at

Immaterial labor, just like the spectacle (the social relations among people) is digitally measurablesince the social web services ramped up (See Trebor Scholz’s A History of the Social Web). Today with the new Facebook Social Ads, the measure of the value of my labor is even more precise for Facebook, but more ambiguous for me.

Can you sell your Facebook account/profile to someone?‘ by GoPre at Yahoo Answers:

I have been playing a game through facebook for over a year now, and am at a really high level because of it. I dont feel like playing the game anymore, and was wondering if I could sell my facebook account (that has my saved game stats attached to it) to someone? is it legal?