A brief history of podcast appearances

Hey so I realise I haven’t updated blog readers on all the podcasts I’ve been on lately (including one not so lately). Most recently I talked about my position on comments with the Critical Distance Confab. If you’ve ever wondered why “there is  currently no commenting” then have a listen to the ‘cast and weigh up whether or not you think the things that I gain is worth the trade off.

A few weeks prior, I was on the same podcast talking about my favourite pieces of games writing in 2010, primarily examples of experiential, persuasive pieces of games writing. This is one really, really long ‘cast though, and towards the end I had to leave. Still, it’s an appearance.

But even further back than that I spoke with Matthew Kaplan of the (now defunct) Game in Mind blog about an eclectic range of issues just a little while before he called it a day. The site, and podcast, have now gone the way of the dinosaur, but I got in touch with Matthew and have now hosted the interview here for you to variously love/hate/utilize/enjoy. I want to also personally thank Matt Kaplan for talking to me and asking such interesting questions for this one.