Trend spotting in 2011

In the year 2011…

…Internet hipsters will begin to use obsolete web browsers (i.e. Netscape 4.0) in an attempt to recapture early 00’s nostalgia coupled with an increase in apathy for net security.

…Social Media will continue to consolidate into an every decreasing number of powerplayers. Angel investments in tech startups will evaporate as they decamp to funding a new rash of start-up DIY food production companies. A global wheatgrass glut decimates juice bars’ profitability.

…’Gamification’ will continue. You will gain points for purchasing tampons, and a generation of score-obsessed boyfriends will overcome their fear of women’s sanitation.

…The issue of personal privacy and the right to own data will not resurface.

…The honey bee will become extinct in the wild as colony collapse disorder continues unabated. A select number of zoos manage to keep some colonies alive in hermetically sealed environments as honey becomes a new status symbol, with Kanye West it’s new poster boy via a set of crystalised honey teeth.

…The W3C introduces the new "meme" tag into HTML5, for obvious reasons. The firefox extension “MemeHide” becomes a viral hit and by December no one remembers what it was like when the internet was mostly videos of cats.