Tsk, oh, Leigh Alexander, you’ll say anything to pander to your majority-male readership, won’t you? No, fuck off. That was just one of the reactions to an article I cared about this year that made me realize that I am not interested in reactions to my articles.

I am pleased that people can no longer register their immediate, unconsidered reactions to everything I say. I hope this will also encourage people to distill out issues that are actually meaningful to them and discuss them in their own online spaces.

This short excerpt from Leigh Alexander’s ‘Game of the Year!‘ post neatly encapsulates the main reasons why I’ve kept the comments off here. I’m constantly amazed that so many bloggers still willingly subject themselves to the tyrrany of open comments (and am even more amazed when some react as though disabling comments is an affront to their personal integrity). The proliferation of online spaces – twitter; facebook; blogs; tumblrs; websites – just to name a few, means there is no shortage of places to leave your comments for others to find them.