A Couple of Interviews

So I should mention I was interviewed by Mark Johnson of the Game Taco podcast a couple weeks back, and it’s just now made its way to the world-wide-winterwebs. In the interview (my part starts about 1hr 7mins into the cast) I talk/complain about the techno-social ordering of the internet, the games blogging community and its cyclical ebb and flow, a whole lot of stuff about Permanent Death (always a popular topic), Critical Distance and then some! Afterwards the other cast members have a bit of a discussion of some of the content of the interview, in which the following gem is uttered:

“I like his shit… but his copy editing is just not professional.” – Mark Johnson

If my blog ever had, or needed to have a boxquote, this would be what I put on it. He’s totally right, by the way. I’m a poor, poor editor of my own work but until someone volunteers to do it for free, it’s all you’re getting – straight from my brain to the page to your screen. There’s just something about reading back over your own work that makes the distance necessary for good copy editing nigh on impossible to maintain. All I see when I read over it is what I wanted to say, not what’s actually on the page. Anyway, Mark deserves props for asking some rather good questions, which is always harder than it looks.

One person who always makes it look way too easy, however, is Michael Abbott. While I haven’t actually had the chance to listen to it yet, his latest Brainy Gamer podcast features the dynamic duo of Jamin Brophy-Warren and Chris Dahlen, founders of the excellent Kill Screen magazine. Having had the pleasure of meeting them both, I feel safe in saying they’re both worth listening to. Go have a listen when you get sick of the metallic sound of my voice.