Pax Britannica

Good news everyone! A game called¬†PAX BRITANNICA has just been released on the TigSource forums. It’s a game by the No Fun Games team, who through Matthew Gallant, graciously asked me to score their game for them.

Pax Britannica was created for the GammaIV competition which exhibits every year at GDC (and who were seeking donations to cover the costs this year – but they’ve reached their target)(Edit: Michel Mcbride informs me that GammaIV actually exhibited at Montreal rather than GDC previously). Unfortunately my entry won’t be there for me to see and play when I get to GDC in March, but that’s okay because now everyone gets to benefit from playing the game right now.

The theme that the No Fun team were going for with their game was ’20K leagues under the sea’ and so I, in my infinite wisdom, decided to create a soundscape piece that intimated the noises of an underwater, steam-driven submarine. The visuals and the music work really well to create a fun and atmospheric game, but don’t just take it from me –¬†TigSource forum-goer ‘Newton64’ said,

“the sfx and soundtrack are great. Very good mood-setting to match the pace of the motherships.”

That’s a boxquote right there! A boxquote about my own music. How exciting.