2001 => 2005

Listen to just the first 5-8 seconds of each clip.


The only substantial difference is the latter is a bit sped up (and has a bit more reverb). Four years makes a helluva difference. Discovery was also Daft Punk’s best album, by far.

Slightly obsessed with this song too

Just a couple years late. Can’t seem to find an official clip online anywhere. This is a nice live version tho with Yukimi doing some cool dancing. It’s actually kind of interesting to see what singers do when they aren’t singing. Basically being on stage is a weird unreal zone where you can do literally anything? Which is strange because when you’re up there you feel so constrained, but actually mostly no one cares and it doesn’t matter.

The two best pieces of advice I’ve ever gotten about singing on stage is to remember that the audience actually wants you to do your best, which is totally true, and the second is to control your breathing beforehand. Breathing exercises to remind yourself to relax are incredibly useful before any kind of public speaking or performance and I still do them before lectures and presentations. Your body breathes too hard, too much if you let it, so you need to slow it all down and reign it in a bit. It’s probably half physiological and half just having a sense of control and something to do and focus on, but they feed into one another.

Shake It Off

This is probably my favorite video clip for a T-Swift song. Dat hair, dat outfit, my god.

So goofy, so charming.

Lot to say about it tho not right now.

UUGGHH the preview image of it tho is the twerking that is such a bad choice.

Tom Scott’s verse in this

All about his dad and his drug use is really pretty great. The beat is so weird too, such an ambivalent feel and then over the top of it floats this classic Tom Scott mix of anger, grief, pain, neurosis, indignation… and somewhere deep underneath it all, it’s coming from a place of deep care, love and respect and commitment to individual autonomy and anti-authoritarianism. His work speaks to me like almost no other artist – from one angry, frustrated, cocky, occasionally neurotic white guy to another.

Couple of bonuses:

(Incidentally, that last track, Tom’s verse is the only one that manages to establish, develop and reiterate the theme/title of the track! No slight to the other guys, both of whom have rock solid and awesome flow, but we’re talking quite different league of lyricist)