Honest 2 Dog

The inevitable end result of the Girl Talk aesthetic has been reached only by joke Soundclown subculture. Gregg Michael Gillis’ performances as GT were always revelries and reveries in pop’s ultimate fungibility and interchangeability (one of the only bits of Adorno I’ve read was about pop music and there’s some good criticisms of what he said, esp in “Adorno meets the Cadillacs” by pop music academic supremo Bernard Gendron) and so once the ecstasy wore off we were just left with the bare facts in the cold light of the morning after.

The more radical path (might be?) to take the juxtapositional, repositioning and cut-up aesthetic more seriously – and this is, I think, what the Soundcloud (Sound Clown?) community might be doing. The above mixtape cannot be mistaken for anything than what it is – it is neither delerious nor revelry, it’s so straight. “Dad?Chat Mix” is such an inspired name. There is so much more to say but I have another post in mind that I need to draft now.

White people rap

Primarily, I needed to get these links out of a browser tab and into somewhere useful.

Aamer Rahman has a great 2 part “white rapper FAQ” which is essential reading for anyone who listens to any white rappers (that means: everyone).

Part 1 is here.

Part 2 is here.

Best quote?


Stop projecting your anxieties onto me.  You’re white.  You can do pretty much whatever you want. It’s a sweet deal.

There’s also plenty more I want to say about the need for caution whenever you go into another country’s context and just transplant yourself (either temporarily or permanently) like Azalea (ugh) or like a US comedian coming to Australia etc. Aus hip-hop (and, to the lesser extent that I know of) and NZ Hip-hop have been quite white for some time now, but it’s also always been intermingled with indigenous artists and groups too. There’s a complication there in the antipodean context that I don’t know how to address and I wish there was an Aus or NZ version of Rahman who could do some untangling of that issue. (edit: for some reason i thought Rahman was American??? I dunno how well he’s across Aus hip-hop tho, oh well w/evs.)

Oh, also check out “the unbearable whiteness of Emceeing” which is about how Eminem ruined everything. I need to come back and finish reading this, bc its really, really good.