Watch the K Foundation burn a million quid

Watching this video makes me giddy. The world seems to peel back and the ground folds away beneath you, and if you concentrate on it in just the right way, you can step through the portal, temporarily, into a zone or region completely unlike anyplace you’ve ever been or ever will.

Chapter 5 – conclusions.


Not entirely sure how I’d never seen this before, p. great.

The whole idea of a ‘teaser’ music video for a song which (presumably) will get its own song is somewhat bizarre.

Just as bizarre is the fact that this clip has received something like 27 thousand dislikes. Haters gonna hate.

Depicting God

It occurred to me, while watching this clip, that if you’re going to depict ‘God’ you might as well go all the way and make him/her/it like this. Certainly it’s probably more faithful to the ‘nature’ of God, or at least more faithful to the idea of God. In comparison to the Morgan Freeman-as-god trope, this is practically biblical by comparison! =P

Of course, another way to go about it is to prohibit the depiction of God, which is what I believe Islam prescribes. You could definitely read certain passages of the Old Testament (“Thou shalt have no grave images”) in exactly the same way. I wonder if the OT authors would have thought the same if they had the ability to animate, or simulate and model with computers.

Just some idle thoughts.

Oh, and as a summary of what’s going on in the clip, the uploader says the following:

The main character, Nishi, has just died an embarrassing, cowardly death and ends up in “purgatory”. There he is approached by a constantly changing incarnation of God who basically tells him “life sucks, deal with it”. Not happy with this answer, Nishi runs back towards “life” while God cheers him on.

Damn that capricious Ophiopogon japonicus!

‘I hope to prove that, both in its normal and abnormal operations, mind is essentially the same in man and other animals.’ In yet another article in the Journal of Mental Science he extended his claim to the vegetable kingdom. Plants, he claimed, possessed many aspects of mind – purposiveness, sensation, choice, forward planning, and even eccentricity or caprice – and this showed that ‘will and consciousness may exist quite independently of the brain’.  – Richard Barnett and Michael Neve, ‘Dr Lauder Lindsay’s Lemmings: Mad Beasts and Misanthropy in a Victorian Asylum,’ Strange Attractor Journal 4.

Readers with a keen memory may remember I argued something quite similar about this time last year, though I never would have ever been such a creative thinker as to ascribe ‘caprice’ to a plant!

(As an aside: yesterday’s exercise seems to have unstoppered the dam, as it were. Today I wrote almost 1500 words, all of which I am reasonably proud of. Yet more proof that my fingers just needed to remember how to talk.)

((Second aside: Ophiopogon japonicus would never be capricious, I just needed an obvious target and Mondo grass is my favourite. I trust it will not take it personally.))

Untitled, 1920 (Murdering Airplane) by Max Ernst


Christ who flies higher than the aviators…
Icarus Enoch Elijah Apollonius of Tyrana
Hover near the original airplane…
Everyone eagle phoenix phis
Fraternizes with the flying machine.

– Guillaume Apollinaire, “Zone”

I’m writing about Max Ernst, dadaist and surrealist painter/collage/sculptor/artist and his fierce exploration of Hybrid beings. Neither machine nor men, but something like a God; a Cylon.

Rivers of Orange


About 8,000 liters of the concentrate used to make the soft drink Sunny D, formerly known as Sunny Delight spilled into a creek in England in May, 2006. The spill killed dozens of fish, which is a little scary. The spill was caused by a crack in an underground fiberglass tank at the Gerber Foods Soft Drink factory in Bridgwater, Somerset. The tank was used to hold sub-standard juice waiting for disposal.