there are days

Where everything is going fine, maybe even better than fine, you’re making progress, kickin goals… and then all of a sudden you receive a bit of news that disrupts your existing plans. Whenever that happens to me I almost always get massively massively upset and annoyed, suddenly i’m uncomfortable and distracted, irritable, etc. etc.

FUCK it was all going fine until XYZ.

Then it snowballs – I can’t do ABC according to plan because now I’m distracted by thinking about how i now have to XYZ. And the pressure of needing to do XYZ while wanting to do ABC means you cant get XYZ done or ABC. nothing happens. it all comes to a shuddering halt and i want to flip tables.

at least, that’s how it is for me. control freak. planning fool. fool on the hill.

get behind me satan

how in the whole wide world am i ever going to finish this thing =(