Draft Chapter 3

So this clip is really trippin on something grand. Also I really like every single shirt Kanye wears in this clip.

Omg tho the like crazy overt thrusting grabbing sex stuff on the motorbike is crazy great. This is what I don’t think I heard anyone else say about Yeezus – that it is basically one long reconciliation of Kanye as a sex-god-maniac with the idea that Kim Kardashian might actually be enough of a sex-goddess maniac for him? I mean literally ever track (that isn’t New Slaves or Black Skinhead) is about how crazy wild he is about boning Kim… and that’s kind of… cool? Novel for a black artist to be able to be that openly sexual on his own terms and without the media turning him into a “crazy violent sex black man” caricature?

Idk now i’m just spitballin