Jason Wilson on twitter & academic professionalism

This is probably the best thing on twitter by anyone I can recall. I love a great number of these ideas and think there’s huge room for expansion of the core: Twitter performance as “generally improvisatory rather than studied” is fantastic, and captures something really quintessential about the service, and the idea of “risk management” seems to me an incredibly fruitful line of thinking. The way that I have been using twitter lately is certainly more “risky” than previous, but only in certain ways – I’m more exposed to the risk of being “misunderstood” now that I overuse hashtags, parrot funny memes and troll misogynists, but before about the middle of this year (or when I started following @DrTeens247?? #ThanksDocTeens) I was even more at risk of being labelled, particularly labelled as “boring” which in my estimation is far less acceptable. Especially in light of issues e.g. personal branding and stuff. I’d much rather have an undesirable outcome stemming from other people being wrong about me, than one stemming from them being right.