Damn that capricious Ophiopogon japonicus!

‘I hope to prove that, both in its normal and abnormal operations, mind is essentially the same in man and other animals.’ In yet another article in the Journal of Mental Science he extended his claim to the vegetable kingdom. Plants, he claimed, possessed many aspects of mind – purposiveness, sensation, choice, forward planning, and even eccentricity or caprice – and this showed that ‘will and consciousness may exist quite independently of the brain’.  – Richard Barnett and Michael Neve, ‘Dr Lauder Lindsay’s Lemmings: Mad Beasts and Misanthropy in a Victorian Asylum,’ Strange Attractor Journal 4.

Readers with a keen memory may remember I argued something quite similar about this time last year, though I never would have ever been such a creative thinker as to ascribe ‘caprice’ to a plant!

(As an aside: yesterday’s exercise seems to have unstoppered the dam, as it were. Today I wrote almost 1500 words, all of which I am reasonably proud of. Yet more proof that my fingers just needed to remember how to talk.)

((Second aside: Ophiopogon japonicus would never be capricious, I just needed an obvious target and Mondo grass is my favourite. I trust it will not take it personally.))