If I think with my body

…and my body is damaged, bruised, broken, in agony, etc, etc – what does that do to my thinking?

Physical torture becomes mind control, and ‘brainwashing’ becomes much more understandable. Less serious injuries can even have serious effects on thinking (and feeling). Am I ‘in my right mind’ when I don’t want to even get up off this couch for fear of screaming muscles? Should I take the sense of not being “at my peak” more seriously? (Maybe not seriously – it probably doesn’t matter that I’m not at my ‘peak’ or whathaveyou – but it’s more real perhaps than I was giving it credit)

I dreamt last night about my body and in the dream I understood that it was just another object or unit, translating and building a world of contact between other objects. When I walk, the ‘parts’ of me don’t just perform ‘walking’… they’re enveloped completely and utterly in a body-world correlate, bringing together groups of other things – internal and external – ground and air and sugar and glucose and electrical nerve impulses and shoes and clothes and bloody-lung-oxygen systems, etcetera, etcetera, and for my body that is the entire extent of everything that exists for it. Latour’s “nature/cultures” seems to be closest to this dream-position I had, and thought it’s taken me months and months, I feel like I’ve finally understood it (even if I keep forgetting and slipping back into too-simple materialisms or scientific reductionism on a regular basis).

(I went paintballing yesterday – and I’ll have something to say about that soon)