Far Cry 3 gameplay vid speculations

Things that I liked:

– Ziplines, but the larger point is there seemed to be plenty of freedom of movement in the arenas where firefights occur. Some of the other sections looked more scripted/tunneled.

– I liked that the hands and arms were quite prominent and active, though perhaps not to the degree seen in FC2.

– Some of the stealth looked okay, that was always a very hit-n-miss aspect of FC2.

– The jungles are looking pretty.

– Super glad to see that the crouch-slide maneuver is back! This is like one of the coollest things about movement in FC2.

– Press ‘A’ to mantle. More games really should be doing this type of thing.

– The guns (well, we saw three of them: an AK, a pistol and a shotgun, plus a grenade if that counts) seem nice and meaty.



Things that I disliked:

– The generic voice over. I said it on twitter, but FC2 never needed protagonist voice because your hands and arms were expressive enough. Everything that needed to be “said” int he game was said through your hands (shoot, grab, splint, heal, etc)

– Return of the pseudo-mystical elements from Far Cry 1 & the earlier games. The horror-realism of FC2 would have been diminished if there was any supernatural element.  You can’t have both Lovecraft and God/Magic.

– Was there any fire propagation? Granted, it’s a jungle not a crackling African savannah but it’d be a real shame if they pulled out that tech just for some reason like “the jungle is too wet” or whatever. Napalm burns wet things, I’m sure. Oh well.

– The existence of a minimap.

– I didn’t notice how this was working till  Brendan pointed it out – but arrows that point to every enemy? What is the point of that?! This run-through is obviously on an easy difficulty setting (he spends much too long out of cover to live if it were anything else) so hopefully these things are only guides for the easier settings (or perhaps they can be turned off, the are very distracting).

– I’m going to miss the authentic accents, and I don’t care what anyone says about rushed dialogue. It was never that bad (except for in a few places) but I’ll take rushed authentic accents over the best amero-generic ones six our of seven days of the week.