Keep up with what I’m reading, via RSS

Some of my regular readers have expressed appreciation for the stuff I post occasionally to Facebook, and it’s often the stuff I’ve been reading which I most consider worth other people’s time, so it makes sense. But maybe you don’t want to ‘friend’ me (I don’t bite, honest) to get access to this tasty eclecticism. That’s cool, because on the side-bar is an RSS of all these interesting links, and it’s been there since the very advent of this blog. But recently (a month or two ago?) Zuckerberg and co. appear to have changed the way they handled RSS syndication of posted links, and consequently it’s been broken. But now it’s fixed, hooray!

If you don’t really care to load up this site and scroll over to the side-bar all the time, don’t despair! You can also subscribe via RSS by dropping this feed URL into your favourite RSS reader. Enjoy. More from me soon.