Birthday Giveaway!

The blog is one year old today, and while I was planning on doing this on my birthday, the blog’s birthday seems just as fitting.

As is hobbit tradition on birthdays I have things to give away! I’ve got about 7 copies of Audiosurf to give away on Steam, and two copies of Plain Sight. To win this incredibly easy competition all you have to do is persuade me that you deserve the game of your choice, either via twitter (if your twitter account is private and I don’t follow you – beware I won’t see your tweets, even the ones @me!) or via email (the address can be found on the sidebar). I’m not putting a timelimit on this, but I’ll hold off for about a week before deciding on winners (just to give everyone a chance).

Here’s to a great 2011! And thanks for making 2010 awesome, dear reader, it’s an honour to be read.