A Legitimate Strategy

I very nearly forgot to mention this, but on the same day as I went bowling and was conned into a $2.75 slushy I didn’t really want I also played Laser Skirmish.

In the first of the two games played I started well before losing my momentum. Getting shot frequently in the latter stages sent my peak score of 800-and-something back down to a boring 700-ish, a very mediocre score considering some were getting well over 1,000. I’m pretty good at laser tag games. I’m supposed to be pretty good at games. (I blame the previous night’s intoxication and attendant dehydration, as right after the first game I started getting cramping in my legs and had trouble walking.)

Given my condition, for the second game I obviously had to change up my tactic and I decided to draw upon the skills untold hours of videogame play had brought me. I decided to camp.

I happened upon possibly the perfect spot for it too; at a small corner before a relatively open space there was a box placed on a corner wall to further extend it out a slight way. But there was a gap underneath, and from a prone position on the ground I had both excellent cover (the box and being flat obscured both my front and back targets) and a great field of view.

I camped for about half the second game and took unsuspecting people out in quick succession, often the same people coming back to try again. Some people were ‘dead’ before they even noticed me, I was in such an unorthodox and unexpected position. My camping spot was too good. It took a guy bigger than me to physically walk up, playfully push me into a corner and fire his gun straight into one of my target point blank until he got a shot off before I gave up my position.

I rocketed to the top of my team’s score with a little more than 1,900 points. I beat all but three members of the other team, but best of all I, beat the limitations of my own body.

And people say videogames don’t teach kids anything useful.