This is not a hardcore game

The following is an edited conversation I had via instant message with one of my oldest friends, two days after christmas ’09.

Guy-mitchell: X’s family does this thing where everyone buy s $20 present then they all get wrapped up and put in the center, one person’s name is drawn, and they choose and unwrap a present.

Ben: Isn’t it amazing what everyone else does for Christmas?

Guy-mitchell: The next person to have their name drawn can either unwrap another one or ‘steal’ one that’s been opened.

Ben: That’s awesome!

Guy-mitchell: If yours gets ‘stolen’ you can steal someone elses, or unwrap a new one. It’s fricken’ awesome.

Ben: haha

Guy-mitchell: One of the key rules is that if something’s been stolen from you, you can’t steal that item again thus being in a couple becomes a strategic advantage.

Guy-mitchell: At one point, I stole the gift my wife’s Grandma had and then it was stolen another 5 times after that… hectic.

Ben: Must have been a really good item!

Guy-mitchell: The key is to find something to bring that lots of people will want, thus causing the most chaos. This year it was a sham wow kit and a set of golf balls.